BIM Data

What is BIM?

BIM – Building Information Modelling – is an efficient, model-based process for concerted planning, realization, and operation of construction and infrastructure projects. It is based on collaboration and team work involving all stakeholders. It includes capturing, digital modelling, and combining of all relevant structure data. When applying BIM, traditional architectural drawings are transformed into a three-dimensional digital model. All information related to the project stakeholders are collected and organized for collaborative usage – from time targets to required material, order volumes, and operator data. BIM provides a transparent and dynamic information network for all stakeholders and partners, enabling comprehensive planning, realization, and operation of construction projects. Potentials for improvement may thus be identified at an early stage and implemented during project planning; costly incorrect planning may be avoided. Principals are provided with substantially increased reliability concerning planning, costs, and deadlines. On account of GEGGUS GmbH, the BIM data of our entrance matting systems are available for download at Polantis. The stock of BIM data for GEGGUS products is continuously being expanded.

1. Download of data from GEGGUS website
Go to the GEGGUS website and click the “download” button next to your selected product. A registration window will pop up. Please choose your preferred file type and fill in your e-mail address, name, and company name. After sending your data, you will immediately receive an e-mail from our partner Polantis with a download link. Click on the link to download your requested file type.

2. Download of data from the Polantis website
You may also download the required BIM data directly from the Polantis website: gmbh

In this video, the BIM guide is again illustrated.

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